My image is not showing up when I share my articles on social media

So you want to share your articles on social media, but don’t get a nice, large link preview? This can happen for multiple reasons, but don’t worry. Read more…

I’m using the Divi theme, and my site CSS is completely broken after an update.

Easy one! Go to Divi –> Theme Options –> Builder –> Advanced and click the Clear button next to Static CSS File Generation.

The Title field on my back end Posts page is too narrow and I can’t read it.

Depending on what plugins you have installed, you may have a lot of columns of information displayed for each post. This compresses the Title field to just a few characters, and makes it hard to read. To fix it, go up to Screen Options in the upper right corner and open it. You can choose which columns to display, and turn off any that aren’t necessary. This should make room for the columns that you do need.

How to add a CTA button to Divi’s menu.

Where do I choose which Slider Revolution slider in Avada?

This is found under Page Options. Go to the page you want to edit, choose Edit Live, and click on Sliders on the left. Choose the slider you want under “Select Slider Revolution Slider” near the top.