Preparing the domain name for transfer

1. How to unlock your domain and obtain an Auth code from Network Solutions:

  • Log in to your Network Solutions Account Manager.
  • On the left-side menu, select Domain Name.
  • Choose the domain name you want to transfer (go to the next step if you have just one domain).
  • Scroll down and click on the Transfer or Move Domain menu.
  • Here, toggle off the Domain Locked switch to unlock the domain:
  • Hit the Request Authorization Code button to request the authorization code for your domain name:
  • Tick the box that you acknowledge the warning and choose Continue Transfer:

NOTE: The Auth code will be emailed to your primary contact in 3 days. If you do not receive the code, please get in touch with Network Solutions support.

Important: If the Domain Locked switch or the Request Authorization Code option is inactive, it can indicate that your domain is not eligible for transfer yet. Most top-level domains cannot be transferred within 60 days after registration or previous successful transfers. Also, Network Solutions may place internal locks that prevent further transfers:

  • For 30 days — when any of the following changes are made within 7 days after a password reset:
    • Primary Contact name or email is updated or replaced.
    • WHOIS Administrative Contact name/email is updated
    • User IDs are merged.
  • For 60 days — after changing the name or email of the domain owner. Unfortunately, this lock cannot be lifted sooner. If you want to make changes, please keep the domain owner’s contacts intact and ask our tech support team to update them after the transfer to avoid waiting.

If this lock was placed on your domain, you can contact Network Solutions using your primary contact to review and remove it sooner.

2. How to turn off Private Registration

This step is required only if you purchased Private Registration for the domain name. If you don’t have this enabled, please skip this step.

  • Log in to your Network Solutions Account Manager.
  • On the left-side menu, select the Domain Name option:
  • Choose the domain name in question (or, if you have only one domain, you may continue directly with the next step).
  • Scroll down and go to the Domain Contacts menu:

Find the Private Registration section and select the Turn Off button to disable private registration:

3. Finish Up

Once the domain name is unlocked and you have received your Auth code, please email it to your Logical Alternative customer experience maven.

The transfer process takes up to 5–7 days for most domains.