What makes us different from other hosting companies?

Web hosting providers at our price point offer a do-it-yourself experience. They provide a website to set up domains, web hosting, and email. It’s a self-service experience. The quality of support varies, but they are all essentially the same. They provide the tools, and you provide the time and know-how.

The services we provide are fully managed. That means we take care of everything for you. And we proactively monitor and manage every aspect of the services we provide. We set everything up for you in the best possible way so that your website is optimized for performance, security, and resilience.

We also care for things you may not even know about. For example:

  • Handling the complexities of setting up your domain host records to maximize email sender trust and delivery, which translates to your recipients receiving your emails.
  • Monitoring your website accessibility, page load times, and content from 15 locations worldwide every 5 minutes to maximize search engine visibility and user experience to detect and resolve issues proactively.
  • Implementing and managing multiple layers of security to detect and automatically divert threats.
  • Participating in a network of global and local blacklists to block bad actors from accessing your website before they have a chance.
  • Maintaining the integrity of your website by monitoring the status of the components and keeping them up to date as the developers of the numerous components release security updates.
  • Backing up your website multiple times daily and automatically every time before changes are made.
  • Fully managing your domain to ensure that your registration never expires.

What are the advantages if we host your domain as well as your site?

  • We can respond immediately to changes in infrastructure. For example, if your site is getting more traffic and we need to load balance it across servers, or if we need to respond to performance, security, or any other issues or integration requests, it will just take a couple of minutes instead of a day or more.
  • We can more fully respond to any requests and manage your solutions holistically, making sure that when you do make a request, we can optimize all of the settings and host records to fully meet the needs of that request, instead of just a partial solution.
  • By hosting your DNS and domain records on the same cloud provider (Amazon Web Services) that hosts your website, and properly configuring and maintaining your DKIM, DMARC, and SPF records, we can increase your sender score and radically improve your email deliverability.
  • We can set up dynamic domain host records to maximize server health. Since your domain is hosted on the same environment as your website, we can load balance across multiple servers and make sure that web requests are routed to the server with the greatest capacity. This greatly improves performance and page load speed, which also increases your authority with Google. You get the best possible performance without having to pay for a dedicated server.
  • We deal with the typical spam and phishing attempts that most registered domain owners have to deal with so that you don’t have to. We also make sure it never expires.
  • We can respond appropriately to changes at your domain registrar. Things change in the IT world—for example, one registrar can sell their entire client base to another. This may mean adjustments need to be made for your website to remain reachable. We are notified any time something like this happens, and can make the needed updates.

These are a few examples of our care with every client’s online presence.

A good website host does much more than collect a monthly fee.

A top-notch host does their job so well that you don’t notice their skill at the day-to-day maintenance. And that is our approach—to provide full-service hosting that takes all the frustration, guesswork, and uncertainty out of the entire process, from domain registration to proactive weekly maintenance to redundant layers of enterprise-grade security.

Our goal: to keep your tech elegant so that you can focus on what you do best.

Rest assured that every detail of your website’s setup, monitoring, security, speed optimization, maintenance, and backups is handled professionally. We have decades of experience, a deep commitment to providing service to our community, and the goal of ensuring that every aspect of your domain, website, services, and integrations are kept running smoothly at all times.